Saxy GRL MeMe

By: Fail Aftermaths On: 4:37 AM
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  • SAXY GRL Lisence plate

    Full teeth set MeMe

    By: Fail Aftermaths On: 4:12 AM
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  • Selling my uncle's full teeth set.

    Only worn three times.Only reason for selling is he owes me money so i took his teeth.Serious inquiries only.

    I'm fed up

    By: Fail Aftermaths On: 4:13 AM
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  • I've been doing community service at the elemntary school and these kids are absolutely coming for me,talking about : Where is your magic school bus at?
    I'm fed up.

    How would you react?

    By: Fail Aftermaths On: 4:07 AM
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  • If you send nude for the first time and you see this.

    How would you react? Reply with a MeMe.

    Cardi B Concert

    By: Fail Aftermaths On: 3:50 AM
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  • I was at a Cardi B concert for 45 minutes before i realized it was just a homeless man yelling at a trash can.